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Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Each and everyone of us has complete control of our own selves. We are in charge of our thoughts, feelings, and actions. I saw a post on my Instagram feed the other day and it really resonated w me, I’ve shared it below:

An excuse that I used to use pre-quarantine was that I was too busy to get things that I wanted to do done and now that my schedule has opened up a ton I’m being more mindful about how I utilize time. I’m more consistent w learning on the Duolingo app on iOS and since I just checked their website they also have their app available for Android and Windows devices as well.

I took three yrs of Spanish when I went to El Camino High School and I also took a semester of Italian when I went to College of San Mateo bc I wanted to do a semester abroad in Florence. I did not end up studying abroad through my college and instead I was lucky enough to travel all throughout the country and Mexico, Japan and also Tahiti sharing the Hawaiian culture w Hālau ‘O Keikiali’i under Kumu Kawika Alfiche.

Every morning when I wake up I turn on my phone, bc sometimes I turn it off to let it rest and reset, and the first thing that I do is go on Duolingo to get my language practice in. I am currently going through Spanish and I have Italian, Portuguese, and Hawaiian on my list of languages to learn.

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