Quarantine update: Week three

Sunday, April 9, 2020

Sooo, I utilized this past Monday morning, April 6th, to write in my journal and plan out my schedule for sharing my content and I’m going to share it here to hold myself accountable.

On Moncé Madness Monday’s I will be sharing a new video on my YT channel so please make sure to subscribe and turn on your notifications so that you can watch and like my videos 💜

Thursday’s I’ll be converting my YT videos into blog posts for my website so that ppl can get more of a feel for me and my personality 💜 and to also revert yall back to my YT channel so that you can subscribe and like my videos, bc ya girl is an influencer and I need my Village of Madness to continue to love and support me, pls and thank you 💋

Sunday’s I’ll create blog posts for my weekly updates: what I’ve been up to, places I’ve been, thoughts I’ve had, etc.

As far as my Instagram accounts go @amethyst.monce and @monce.madness my posting will be a little sporadic for now. I’ll be sharing my YT videos and photos of myself w cute lil blurbs to share my thoughts w my Village of Madness, so pls make sure to follow both accounts. I share on my stories more consistently than I do on my actual feed bc my feed is meant for more permanent viewing and I post funny and random stuff on my stories.

During this time of uncertainty and unknown I really want to focus on learning and creating TikTok videos to post especially since it’s the newest and most popular craze.

You can follow me on TikTok at @monce.madness

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