Mother’s Day 2020 recap

Thursday, May 14, 2020

This year’s Mother’s Day was a special one. Since my family and I have been sharing more time together than normal I figured that it would be a great idea for my sibbies, Samar and I to paint something for our mom, make chocolate covered strawberries and bake bibingka together. So, the week of Mother’s Day I told my sibbies and Samar the plan and that meant that my sibbies needed to spend the night at Samar’s house so that we could create everything together, plus the fridge at our parents’ house is super filled.

My Mom was really happy when we went back home on Mother’s Day bc all of her gifts were made w love💜

My grandparents came by and social distanced themselves from us in our own backyard. They’ve come by before and they’re just being extra careful, so they say, by sitting far away from us and from each other, lol.

Donny rarely asks for anything and prior to us enjoying some delicious food and awesome company he asked me if I could help him devein tiger shrimp with him for our skewers. As you can see, my outfit was super cute (photo above). I had my cute mauve Adidas, rose patterned skirt and a cute green tank top. Since it was super windy outside I rocked my dark green comfy jacket w fur on the hood to keep myself nice and warm.

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