Mission: Bibingka

Saturday, April 18, 2020

This week, I have been on a baking spree, a bibingka baking spree to be exact 😅 Bibingka is a Filipino rice cake and it is sooo yummy! The recipe that was shared w me is from Samar’s Grandma on his dad’s side but his cousin on his mom’s side is the lucky one that has her bibingka recipe! I was actually given the recipe yrs ago and I did nothing w it and since we’ve all got more time on our hands it’s as if EVERYONE is cooking and baking at home now #socialdistancing

I have a pretty epic story to share w you about Mission Bibingka… It all started out w me wanting to make bibingka for my family and I earlier this week, first on Easter Sunday and again on Wednesday April 15th.

Easter 2020

The recipe makes 24 small bites and I managed to spread the batter throughout an additional 12 standard rounds, and one round cake pan which is a lot of anything tbh. I shared on my Instagram stories about my success in baking such a delicious treat and my God Brother dm’d me and asked if I could bring him some. He said that it would be a quick drive especially bc everyone has been ordered to stay at home for social distancing… I figured since I honestly didn’t have any pressing matters to tend to yesterday, Friday, I could make some and deliver it to him.

Second batch of bibingka
Second batch of bibingka

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