Celebrating wins!

Friday, May 8, 2020

Hello my Village of Madness 💜

Here we are in another week of quarantine, where the sun is shining, the breeze is flowing and we’re in the comfort of our own homes – at least I hope we all are… I’ve been back in The Bay w my family for about a week now and I was originally planning to go back to LA County next week or so, I really only go back so that I clean during my weekend and to run my car.

I’d like to acknowledge a little victory of mine: I called my insurance company this week and let them know that I got laid off from all of my jobs and they were able to reduce my mileage which brought my monthly down 30%, so if you have been affected by COVID-19 reach out to you car insurance company and let them know what’s up.

Another couple of wins are actually from today!

  • My whole family and two of the neighborhood kids road our bikes to the local park, my sister, Samar and I road over to the Pacific Super in the area to get ingredients for the goodies we’re going to bake tomorrow and back home.
    • Side note: a couple of days ago my sister actually fell down while riding her bike and she got scraped up on her hand and leg so riding to the store and back home was a major win for her 💜
  • I had the sudden urge to learn how to play piano!
    • I moved all of the holiday cards and miscellaneous items off of it and the bench, wiped her down and pulled up this YouTube video to learn some thangs AFTER I did the following … 😅
    • I came up w the idea to learn one song on the piano and that was “Whoa” by Snoh Alegra, so I searched for it and I actually didn’t find it.
      • The video that I started out w was “Snoh Aalegra – I Want You Around EASY PIANO TUTORIAL”
        • I watched the first 10 minutes of it at my piano and then I was like, HOLD UP! Lemme reel back in and learn the names of the keys and chords first
        • So then I went and searched for beginner piano tutorials, lol
    • I’m going to practice the 5 exercises the Josef Sykora from Creative Piano Academy shared and keep learning

The Scorpio Full Moon was last night and my intentions for it are to be Driven, Focused and Healthy.

I started a coaching program w my friend Krysta, bc she wants to shift into health and wellness coaching full time within the next couple of yrs and she is taking on clients to help her out in these beginning stages. It’s great for me bc I’ve always wanted a coach to help keep me in check and it’s even better for me bc we briefly know each other bc we both trained at the same boutique fitness studio a couple months ago.

I’m actually going to get off of here and schedule my next two sessions w her bc she still works her full-time job and has other clients that she’s working w.

Love and Happiness,

Amethyst Moncé

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