Amethyst Moncé was born in San Francisco and raised in SF and South San Francisco. She made her very first big move to LA County to pursue her dreams of becoming a well known performer through dancing, acting, modeling, and being a host.

Her background in dance is in sacred and traditional hula with Hālau ‘O Keikiali’i and she has been dancing under Kumu Kawika Alfiche for eighteen years. Growing up in the Hawaiian community and being a Hawaiian practitioner, she has been able to travel all throughout the country, all over Mexico, to Japan and even Tahiti sharing the Hawaiian culture. In 2016 she became a lead instructor at ConfiDance Fitness in San Francisco and taught her ReggaeTone class for four years before moving to LA County.

*She will now be teaching her Hips & Hair Whips class online through ConfiDance Fitness

Amethyst understands the importance of community and lives by the phrase “It takes a village.” Growing up as the eldest on both sides of her family, having her hālau – hula school, being a part of the San Francisco Low Creations car club community and creating and cultivating friendships through her extracurricular activities: Girl Scouts, track and field, and cross country is what Amethyst’s Village of Madness consists of.

It’s because of the love and support that her Village of Madness sends her from wherever they are in the world that she has that much more confidence and strength within herself to keep her momentum going, to stay focused and be disciplined to work towards her dreams and goals. 

Amethyst is a lover of life, anomalous and a doer.